Max came to us on July 4th 10 years ago. He was 8 weeks old. This July 4th his favorite people came and spent the afternoon with him. Each one sat one on one and pet him, hugged him and loved on him all afternoon well into the evening. Today, July 6th we took him to the Vet and had him put to sleep. He had a tumor pressing on his digestive tract and couldn’t eat. To weak to undergo surgery and un able or unwilling to eat, we had to let him go. Here’s to you MAX, enjoy your run in Gan Eden (the Garden of Eden) with my mom Ella Jean and my mother in law Berta, who went on before you. In my 52 years I never knew a better Dog. May his memory be for a blessing to all who had the priveledge to know him.

Bill and Yoli from TX