Jade & Cleo

I wanted to share with you two pets we have currently; Jade, our calico, and Cleo, our Chihuahua.

We rescued Jade approximately five years ago from a local SPCA, she is very vocal and loves to watch water trickle from any faucet that with you would entertain her. Of course she sits in the bathtub each morning and evening; and anytime inbetween that you may head toward a bathroom. You wonder what may have occurred in her previous -rescued life that she is so facinated with water.

Cleo, had been adopted before Christmas 2008 from a Rescue we found a couple States away. She was very thin and no life to her at all – probably depressed. Cleo is now our little “watch dog” and had taken over the house! I don’t think there is anything that she would not love to eat! She and Jade are not the best of friends, but are very happy in their new lives.

My very best friends were Sammy (cocker spaniel) and Cassie (rescued calico). Both have since passed. I miss both very much – and we also planted flowers and memorials for them.

Vicki from MD