I lost my little fat dog (Beagle) “Haley” on January 3rd 2008. She was only nine years old. She was my buddy. I would get home from work and (forgive me) say “come on fat dog let’s go to the bathroom.”
Little fatty and I would have our daily routine. My wife would laugh that I had to have my dog with me when I used the bathroom (not that anyone really wanted to read that. sorry). Long long story short. We took her to the vet for exploratory surgery only to find out she had cancer throughout her body. We decided to put her to sleep on the table rather than wake her up. I still fight with myself literally daily whether I made the right decision or not. Mark, I feel exactly as you said in your book. I feel like I executed my dog. I wonder if I would have let her wake up. How long she would have lived.
We still have her older buddy Katie which is also a Beagle. Attached is a picture of them. Haley is on bottom.
Thanks Mark. My wife gave me your book to read as I am still having a tremendously hard time with the loss of Haley.
I have definitely experienced the same things that you did that you wrote about in your book, except Rush Limbaugh didn’t send me any pm’s :-)
Thanks again,
Jason from MI