We rescued Gizzy, a little old Pug of 12 years, almost four years ago. We picked up Gizzy at Times Square via a rescue call to us. The word was come and pick up this old guy, because the owners wanted him no more and were going tp put him down. It was a cool October day, and my wife brought him to our home in upstate New York. He had an old sad face, and horrible allergies. He could barley walk and his paws were black from his constant licking; an obvious sign his allergies were severe. We also realized that his severe allergies had taken his ability to hear. His spine was visible and crooked towards the ground due to his hind muscle loss. Despite all his physical faults, I fell in love with him. With proper diet, Vet care and lots of love, Gizzy made a remarkabkle recovery and thrived in our home. Hi allergies had cleared up, and he was now able to walk. He became one of our family, which included seven Pugs. (Five of who were rescues). Gizzy found warmth, comfort anfd Joy. For the first time in his life, he was loved and was happy. You could see that happiness on his face as we took him for walks and on Summer vacations. He became part of our holiday chritmas cards. Gizzy traveled with us from the cliffs of Maine to the plains of Texas. He truly now loved life. Over time I referrred to him as my “main man”, or the just “the man”. Our bond was secure and he trusted me to the core. Be cause he could’t hear, I would gesture with my hands and we come to me. Hi big, sweet eyes would lock on me and his ears drop with them. He knew dayy was home and i was there to comfort him. About a month ago, Gizzy was not the same. He was not as vocal around dinner time, and wanted to be carried outside. His breathing became labored, and he lost more teeth. He was now 16, and very old. he had bounced back before, and i pryed me might one more time. This was not to be… Last Friday, I brought my “Man” to the vet. He looked at as if to say, “please help”. So I did… As the Vet carefully put the needle into his old arm, I said “just go to sleep Gizzy”. He looked me right in the eyes one more time and went fast asleep. I hugged his now lifeless, yet relived old body and sobbed. Gizzy was my “man” and my friend. i know it wa the right thing to do, but I still feel the guilt. I miss you Gizzy, amy God watch over your tiny soul. rest in peace my friend…. I loved your book mark. I read Rescuing Sprite a couple of years ago. I still cry. Thanks so much for all you do. we met at the signing in Long Island. We gave you some dog cookies. i’ll be going to Hannity’s freedom concert in August. I hope to see you there. God bless America, and God bless our little Dogs….
Craig from NY