Hi Mark, this is not about a dog, but a handicapped squirrel my sister rescued and kept as a pet for 12 years. She so loved “Emily” that she wrote a book about her, which I helped her write and provided photos and artwork for. We would love to send you a copy of “An Acorn for Emily” published through AuthorHouse if you tell us where to send it. I think you will enjoy this very heart warming story. As for myself, my husband and i have rescued more than 40 stray and injured cats over the past 30 years. We also had 2 very special dogs in our lives too, they are gone now. Photos of some of our cats are posted on my website. Each one has his or her own tale, and maybe someday I will write about them. Thanks so very much for your time… we love your radio show and books, God Bless you!
Chris from NH