Our dog is named Corky, he is a rescue dog from the San Luis Obispo, Ca. animal shelter. Corky was a wandering stray that had been picked up in poor condition. He is a Wheaten Terrier and had never been cut or groomed so his coat was a mass of tangles and dirt. The shelter needed to cut his hair to the point he had none to clean him up.
We had recently lost our beloved dogs to old age, a Yellow Lab named Brandy and a Pit Bull named Spike. The house seemed empty for the year we had no dogs, just wasn’t the same.
My wife Sherrie started volunteering with the local Adopt-a-Pet just to be around animals and that of course led to her constantly reminding me of the empty house, no paws.
Well the predictable conclusion to this was her spotting Corky in the shelter one day. The thing that made him stand out was of all the dogs in the shelter he was the only one not barking. He just sat there tail wagging looking sad. That was all it took, home with her he came.
Now being a life long lover of dogs I was convinced I did not want another dog because their loss was just to much to bear. I know this is not logical but the loss of a dog to us is like losing a family member. When she showed up at home with this skinned scrawny looking dog I couldn’t believe my eyes. I told her to take it back!!
Well, that was 13yrs ago and Corky is still here with us. He is about 14 now but still healthy and doing well. He has been the spark in our lives for all these years and a wonderful loving friend. He has brought us joy beyond belief and all he wants in return is a warm place to sleep, good food, and a good pet and scratch now and then.
Now I know they say animals don’t have souls and don’t go to Heaven, but in my mind I find it hard to believe God would create such a wonderful creature as a dog without having grander plans.
We have been married now for 45 yrs and only had four dogs in that time and all hold a fondness in our memories and hearts.
Jerry from OR