My dearest friend gave me Rescuing Sprite for Christmas. Little did I know I had such a short time with Cinnamon. My Cadog, My Docat. He heard Mark Levin’s voice from a half mile away and was pawing at the window. We chorltled whn Mark Levin said he was the most beutiful voice on radio, but Cinnamnon thought so. For a wonderful wintry 4 years this was our touchstone. Alas, we had to decide when Cinnamon was in heart failure, whether to give us another 4 days with him or let him go. He is buried with all our dear animals on our property. I felt him with me when I was gardening today. He was always with me. And he always will be . Funny how a little cat can have such an influence on your life. I love my dogs but cats rule. I just read Castle Cats last night.
Patricia from Ontario