We put down my dog Chloe this year, although I could not be thee as my ex wulsnot let me be. chloe was a yellow Laborador who became ill due to Lymes diseas which affected her kidneys and she deteriorated over a years’s time. she was the best friend one couls hav.e I sufferd from a serious anxiety and depression in 2002. chloe always knew when Idid not feel well. she woulslay down next to me on the floor next to the couch all dsy and wous put her head on my chest as if to say, “Paul, I am here. everything is going to be alright” whomever says that a dog cannot love is sadly mistaken. This dog loved unconditionally and we loved her the same way.
Mark. You are a National Treasure and to give us a forum to express ourselves about a pet is such a wonderful thing.
the one thing of which I am sure. Chloe’s life was so productive and wonderful in that she made a family extremely happy. she live an all too short ten years but she was spoiled with love and care in that time. I look forward to seeing her again some day.
Thanks again.
Paul from NY