Basil T. Ratbone

Hi Mark..just got done reading your book “Rescuing Sprite” and really loved the simplicity of it. I really learned about you as a person, not a personality.
Thanks so much for sharing.. I am going to use the book as a tool to convert my extreme leftist colleague in her political ideology.. She loves dogs, hates anything Right. She will read the book just because of the topic and somehow it may open the door in her mind via intrigue about the icons of the Right.. I’m also praying it may open the door into her acknowlegement of the presence of God Almighty, and ultimately, come to know Him and understanding He gave us a vehicle to salvation, by becoming one of us in the form of Jesus . I pray that God continues to use you and that you let Him.. Please read the New Testament and see how God will speak to you via his Word. With all blessings to you and your family.
(Oh yes, this is our little dog Basil T. Ratbone, aka Stinky, Bazzi, Poochi and Snoopy. We love him and he loves us.. he is almost 10 and slowing down a little, but we know he will be with us in heaven since God loves what is good, and will create all goodness in heaven to be all around us. )

Katie from CA