My wife and I are the proud parents of little Autumn, I got her a few months after we married, so that she would not be alone in the house when I deployed. She is 5 years old now and is such a little daddy\’s girl, (spoiled as all get out) my wife would tell me that everytime I deployed she would wait for me by the door for about 3 days, every deployment I felt like I didnt spend enough time with her before I left and for the short time that I was back home inbetween pumps I spoiled her rotten, here is a small example. My wife Amber I decided to spend a weekend in sad diego, and we brought her with us, anyway when we tried to leave the hotel she threw a fit!! we got a call from the hotel saying that we needed to come get her. I was furious!!!! I never hit her and never will, but in a very stern voice I told her NO BAD GIRL!!!!!!!!! I think I scared her quit a bit. I felt extremely bad.2 years later I was in a tactical coil with our vehicals somewhere in Iraq and we got news over the radio that our sister co. had been in a firefight and My good friend drew had been killed, that was the worst night of my life, I have never felt so far from home. The entire night I couldnt sleep a wink and for some reason could not get my wife and autumn out of my head. I kept thinking about the time I got mad at her for ruining our weekend in san diego. I cried the entire night, Its amazing how much we can come to love our dogs. Thats one thing that I just dont understand about the Iraqi people is the way they treat their dogs.  thankyou for the books, they are great, keep up the good work Mr. Levin.

Paul from TX