Dear Mr. Levin
My wife MaryLou and I deeply appreciate your courage for telling the truth about what is going on in our country.
I am writing because last Friday we had to put our cat, April to sleep. She suffered two strokes, the forst was being treated with medication to no avail. We feared another stroke would be extremely painful, plus April seemed to be living by instinct alone. So, we sadly took her for her last car ride and held her as she went to the Rainbow Bridge to wait for us. I have been attempting to read Rescuing Sprite to find the emotional courage. Unfortunately, it is very hard for me because April was with me for 20 years and a true pet friend. Today a sympathy card arrived from the vet with a card describing the Rainbow Bridge. I broke down and and miss her.
May you be Blessed all the days of your life.
Jim from NJ