Wally, my rescue pug is a sweetheart. He was found outside an elementary school near Dallas in late August of 2007. He was turned over the the DFWPugRescue and fostered out to a friend of mine.

Diagnosed with 3rd stage heartworm, nearly blind from neglect of chronic dry eye, hip dysplasia and a dislocated knee cap Wally’s adoptive prospects were not good. But his personality won everyone’s heart, especially mine!

Now, a year and a half later he’s recovered from heartworm, congestive heart failure and onion poisoning, and has recovered a little of his eyesight with constant treatment and is my best little boy. He gets along with everyone, canine and human. Makes long roadtrips in the car with me and is an angel.

Everyone should consider a rescue dog. They are the most loving and appreciative creatures in the world. You will be doing good for them and yourself!

Carol from TX