The Story of Shelby

Unfortunately, I must report that today we’ve had to decide to have Shelby put to sleep. She must have had a massive seizure while we were sleeping two nights ago, and she has lost all motor function, and can’t even walk. She tries to get up, but collapses. With all the other medical problems she’s had this past year we came to the only decision we could: That she would be miserable being a total invalid, especially with the horrible pain levels she’s been dealing with from aggressive arthritis.

Shelby has been the joy of our lives, but she’s an old dog with too many medical issues. She has been looking at us soulfully, with such confusion and pain, as if asking us to do something to make it all better.

It’s time. She’s lived a long life, and has had a good life with people who adore her, on a huge old farm to run around. And she’s had much companionship with the cats and our other dog who had to be put to sleep last year, a friend who she mourned losing greatly. It seems to us that it was the loss of her buddy Comet that was the beginning of her own downturn.

Shelby will be missed immeasurably. She’ll be the last dog we’ll have, too, as I’m afraid we’re both too old, and disabled with aggressive autoimmune diseases ourselves, and the saying goodbye to our beloved pets and friends is just too painful anymore. We just can’t do it anymore.

One cat left out of thirteen will survive our menagerie which included the two dogs. Miss Kitty is about 15 years old, and has an unusual story all her own. But she’s so attached to Shelby that we don’t think she’ll survive much longer once her best chum is gone.

I just hope we survive the loss. This one is going to be the hardes one of all.

Kitt from MI