I don’t have a story, I am writing because I just read Rescuing Sprite and although heartbreaking, it was beautiful. I have always had dogs in my life, if not my own, I am taking care of some one else’s. Until recently I lived with my sister and her boyfriend and helped take care of their beautiful Golden “Desh”. I am a very proud aunt. He is one of the sweetest, kindest and most friendly dogs you will ever meet. He loves to meet new people, not understanding not everyone stops to say hi to him when he is so obviously waiting for tehir attention. He loves other dogs and even his Feline brother Joe. He just wants to love and be loved. Don’t we all. I do not have my own dog right now, mostly I am afraid of the eventual loss.
Mr. Levin I know nothing about your work, I am Canadian, so American politics are certainky not my forte. But I am so glad you wrote Rescuing Sprite and shared those difficult emotions, it is great to know there are so many other people like us dog lovers.

Donna from Ontario