Baxter, Maxx

Hi Mark, this past farther’s day my wife gave me the best gift ever, she got be the book on Sprite, I must say it tore me up seeing I had to put my 9 yr old golden down just a yr ago lthis time last yr, I also have a new 9 week old golden puppy.
there was soooo much I could relate to in your book.
I just want to say that i was so close to Baxter my golden that I even wrote a letter to him, I do have his ashes and yes we had the Vet do a creamation only of him, there is no doubt the dogs are mans best friends, they provide nothing but love to you and hardly ask anything in return only to be loved and fed. to this day I still call Maxx my new puppy by mistake baxter so don’t my wife and two kids who are now 19 and 23 as well as me being very proud of having a grad daughter.

I listen to your show every night, I take my Maxx with me seeing i have you on X M Radio, we take a ride to the lake and I am 100% on your side, you tell it exactly like it is. enough of politics for now, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, you were right I kept the hankies next to me while I read your book in less than 3 hours, keep up your great work we need you.

Scott from MA