Tory, Rubi & Roxy

I use to have three Keeshonden. Every time I would come home it was a fur mob at my feet. 3 years ago I lost Tory who was my lap dog. At night he would lay on my chest, 40lbs worth. Rubi I lost this year due to her system turning in on it self. She almost made it back but at 15+ years her heart could not take the stress. She was my rescue and was very laid back. She use to be scared of people but she got use to us. She loved the outdoors. She would lay on the rocks and sniff the bluebonnets in the Spring. When we would come back hunting she would stuff her nose into the suitcase and then act like a pup, even at 15+. One time she just went nuts when I brought home an Elk hid. Unfortunately she never got her last sniff because she passed while we were out hunting. Then there is Roxy, my 10 year old. She is my hyperactive Keeshond that loves to stand on the back of the couch. She is known as the fuzzy pinball and love to do the agility jumps and bounce the balloon. She gets so excited that she will do a cartwheel. Right now is a mellow day and she is getting her belly rubbed while I write.
John from TX