Tobie Keith

Anyone has never experienced the love and bond with a pet is very unfortunate indeed.

My little Chihuahua, Tobie Keith, and I share a wonderful bond. He has been my sweet companion for five years – ever since he was a tiny puppy.

Recently I was called back to my hometown in Maryland for the funeral of my father. We traveled by car from San Antonio, TX. I left my Tobie in the hands of the veterinary hospital where I work. We do boarding there and I had total confidence in their care. Having to deal with my dad’s death was enough to have on my mind.

Imagine my distress when I received word a few hours after dad’s funeral that my beloved Tobie had gone missing, having escaped under the fence at the animal hospital ! I was totally crushed, which is putting it mildly. I honestly could not face returning home and not having him by my side. My heart had been broken once again.

Our long drive home began the next day. I basically kept to myself in the back of my daughter & son-in-law’s van, curled up in a ball and covered with one of my dad’s jackets. I was in deep despair and grief. I had not only lost my wonderful dad but my beloved dog as well. I knew in my heart that Tobie had escaped because he was looking for me. We share an incredible bond.

It was because of this bond, I’m positive, that Tobie was returned to me. I received a call from some dear people in San Antonio who had found him in their garage. My cell phone number is on the tag around his neck. And as it turned out, these “angels” were clients of ours at the animal hospital. My grief was turned into immense relief and utter joy. My “baby boy” and I were reunited upon our arrival back in San Antonio.

I love my dog so much and am overjoyed that he was returned to me.

Connie from TX