A dog lover’s song by America’s Dan Peek from their Hideaway album (produced by Sir George Martin). “Today’s the Day” is a beautiful song the tears me up every time I hear it. It is a love song sung by the dog (in Dan Peek’s voice) to his master. It fits my daughter’s dog perfectly. We got him when he was 1 yr old. He’s now 15 yrs old. He would run to the door wagging his tail when my Daugher would come home from school. Living rural KS, the school bus still goes by and each time this wonderful dog runs to the door longingly wagging his tail. But my daughter has graduated College, married and moved to SD to teach English Lit. But to this day “Sir” (his name) still feels “Today’s the Day” that his favorite girl in the world will get off that yellow bus thingy….because she turns “night time into day and is the star that lights his way” and he’s got this feeling that today is the day! [tearing up writing this]. What a beauritful dog lover’s song.

Tom from KS