Hello, I am an 81 year old passionately patriotic American grouchy old lady. I have listened to the Mark Levin Show for quite some time now and love it and the Great One too.- and Hannity too.. The Levin show is broadcast in my little town on 760 AM (Detroit MI) at 8 p.m. I am overjoyed that not so long ago, Mark’s third hour was added. Back in 1993 my son led me to Rush Limbaugh and I have been a devoted fan ever since. Always dog lovers (and cats, etc.- my family has had a menagerie over the years. Of course we have lived the heartbreak of sayijng goodbye, amid tears of anguish were shed over and over. My most poignant loss of my “baby” – a black poodle named Nicky. My husband of thirty-three years (and six children) left us for a younger “shack-up honey” (same age as our oldest son.) After trying to hold a job and care for a devastated daughter, 13, the youngest of our children, I decided to move to Florida where she wouldn’t be waiting every night for her father to call. I agreed her cat could go with us, but (sadly) not Nicky. (I t is too difficult to rent with a child and one pet, let along TWO pets. With heart breaking into little pieces, I handed his leash to my cousin Velma. She and her husband, Chuck, had agreed to take him into their home. With his toys and supplies in hand, the two started to walk toward the door of my apartment. Nicky went with them, without a backward glance!. I know that if he had tried to stay with me, I would have broken down completely. He proved his value to them later on at an early morning walk. Chuck fell on an icy sidewalk and Nicky stayed right with him till help arrived. He passed away long years ago, but I’ll never forget Nicky. When I drove my car, he snuggled next to me, with his head in my lap. It is still worth every tear to have had the love and devotion of our dogs. He or she is a member of the family. I know you agree.

Doris from OH