Ming Toy

Ming Toy was a orphan Siamese cat found  living in a warehouse. He had the habit of making a \”humming sound\” when you held him on his back in your arms.  Told my brother that Ming Toy swallowed a humming bird and that\’s why he hums..and for 1 split second my brother believed it! One nite I was sitting in bed (recently had surgery) waiting for my husband to get home from working PMs. I dozed off and then woke up tofind Ming Toy standing in my lap with his paws on my chest and meowing LOUD into my face. When I awoke, he jumped off and ran into the hall. He turned around to see if I was coming and meowed LOUDLY again.  He then ran downstairs to the door and looked up at the doorknob as it was turning. It was 3am and I knew that it was too early for my husband to be returning from work.  The doorknob continued to keep turning and now someone was pushing harder against the door. I called 911 and the cops came to find tire marks across our front lawn caused by the would-be intruder at the door as he made his getaway. Ming Toy saved the night for me by alerting me to the stranger at the door. Ming Toy would never enter my bedroom for some reason, but that night he did to alert me.  Ming Toy was my \”boy.\”  He also loved to ride in cars while sitting across my shoulders. Loved to play attack cat by grabbing onto your closed fist while lightly kicking your hand with his back paws and lightly gumming your hand with his teeth. He never would hurt you while playing…the cat knew how to have fun!
Rest in peace, Ming Toy.

Esther from IL