I have a poem that my daughter-in-law wrote for my son that had a black lab for 17 1/2 yrs.    \”LUCY\’
It\’s hard for me to say goodbye
To my dear companion, trusted friend, The aching that rips through my chest has caused a tear that will not mend.
I\’ll  miss the way you\’d wait each day By the door for my return, Theway you\’d give a gentle nudge When for your supper you did yearn.
At night when I sat in my chair You wanted me to toss your ball, Dropping toys into my lap Until I\’d throw it down the hall.
How sick you were when just a pup, I wasn\’t sure if you\’d pull through I coaxed you back to health again, You seemed to know I needed you.
Each, fall when crispness teased the air That frisky step that graced your walk Knowing it was getting close To mornings spent out in the bog
During the hunt you knew your place To sit and stay so very still Until the last shot was spent. Then you\’d retreive till my bag was filled.
The little grunts, you tilted head, I recall your ways so well.  You\’ve heard my secrets, kept them all, None of them did you e\’er tell.
Almost a score of memories  You\’ve brought me joy right to the end.  It\’s hard for me to saygoodbye  You\’re more than man\’s —- you\’re my best friend
long but well worth the read.

Faye from OH