I’m a grown adult who does NOT know how to “paste” anything. It’s not going to stop me from writting you.
I’m 1/2 way through your book. I’ve had it for almost two years. I read the Intro. and just put the book down. I’m soon to be 11 yrs. Clean and Sober, which is some of the reason I put it down. I knew I had to be in the correct place in my life to be able to read and digest the very personal words to come. Thank you for not
disappointing me! I have two stories I’d like to have you read. I’m sure you get that often, but these are personal stories only a Sober heart could write. I’ve dreamed of being a writer and thought that you may be a good place to start. If it helps any…I, too, am from Cheltenham. In fact the I found my first cat in the storm drain across from Elkins Park Jr. High. Near Dr. Lutsky’s home.

Nancy from DE