Dear Mark:

Yesterday I read a book in a single day. While that is commonplace for the voracious reader, it is rare for me.

The book was Rescuing Sprite. I teach people to live in harmony with their dogs for Petsmart (so was thrilled to hear you adopted Griffen from one of our stores!). I occupy my free time with inspirational stories of the unique human/dog bond. Your book is truly a gem and will be a treasured part of my collection forever.

Most respondents go from here to tell you of their dog. I’m not here to do that. Rather, I encourage you to keep writing about the animals that have touched your life — from Prince to Griffen and any other dog fortunate enough to be rescued by your wonderful family. Your insight into our love for dogs touches the heart and inspires those of us in this profession to push on. In short, we need you! Keep on keeping on!

I appreciate the links to pets on your website even though I do not share your political views. The beauty of the world, however, is in it’s infinite diversity. We all need to sniff the breeze from time to time.

Oh what the hell, I’ll include a picture of my dog. She’s a rescue named Dixie and she is a story in and of herself. You can find her story at dixieswaggintales.wordpress.com.

Again, thanks for making my Saturday a memorable one!

Best Wishes,

Tim from AZ