Cory, Zeuse & Dillinger

I have a Mastiff named Zeuse who had major surgery to repair a leak in his thorax almost two years ago but we were told he had cancer and would be dead in three weeks and not to prolong it so of course we got a second opinion from The University of Fl in Gainsville they operated and found no cancer any where but found the leak and repaired a few smaller ones he will be on two water pills everyday for the rest of his life but by prayer and wonderful doctors I have him today.Well now I need alot of prayers again for him he will have to have his right rear leg amputated because my vet found cancer in his bone and he is in lot of pain so he is on pain medication till thusday this is the only option we have to stop it in its tracks I’m still praying we have made the right decision.He has a wonderful spirit and is so loving after all he has been thru and I know in my heart he will come thru this.I’am a firm believer in GOD and that is who I put my faith in and whatever happens I will be okay with it we just want to give Zeuse a chance.Thank you for letting me share with all of you.GOD BLESS
Jean from FL