I read a email from our area Shelter that had a sick Terrier that needed to see Vet. I drove over to get the little Terrier but someone else had gotten there sooner and took him to Vet and adopted him. Just as I was about to leave the Shelter the man in charge told me about a Shih Tsu that had been brought in that morning and was not happy due to all the commotion and also the heat. I went over to look at her and it was love at first sight! After I paid and signed the adiption papers she bounded out the building, on leash of course, straight for my car. She is a grey and white Shih Tsu and only has one eye. But she is beautiful! So affectionate, so adorable. She never leaves my sight and even though I bought a pretty pink bed for her, she sleeps right with me. My life now has more happiness in it. She makes my day. My husband loves her to death too but she prefers me. Besides, he has two Labs and a rescued mix breed. I thank my Lord every night for being blessed with Corkie. Words really cannot say what I feel for her.
Billye from LA