Our German Shepard Buster joined our family when he was just six weeks old. My wife found him in a box in a shopping cart at the store. That was fifteen years ago this coming August and he has been such a great part of our lives we wonder how we will get on without him.

Very smart, intuitive and protective, he has offered us a sense comfort and security.

The end for him is very near as he needs help when walking any further than to the next room. Although his condition has offered us many challenges we still see that same dog we have loved for so long in his eyes and saying goodbye is even more difficult than we could have imagined.

The circumstances have required we make more time for him and we do not regret that at all. In fact we only wish we had made more time for him over the years. That is my biggest regret. So walk that extra block, throw that ball just one more time. Before we know it, the time has gone.

We are thankful for our time together with him and will miss him dearly.

I would like to recommend for any dog with hip dysphasia a rear support harness and a Glucosamine Chondroitin supplement. We have been using the harness for Buster for the past few months and only wish we had purchased one sooner. We got ours at Handicappedpets.com although many sights sell them and they are invaluable. Stopping your pet from jumping from high places such as the bed especially the larger breeds can help ward off the onset of the disease in my opinion. I hope sharing this information helps make your dog’s life a little more pleasant and your time with him/her last a little longer.

Tony from NY