This is my dog Buck, he is 6 years old and named after the dog in the show Married with children.  I have had him since he was a cub, yep i said cub.  The majority of his genes are coyote, which makes him so bizzare he is house broken, speaks, sits, listens to everything i tell him
( i didnt teach/train anything) accept when he picks up a scent or see\’s movement.  Injuries he has sustained in his 6 years of life are as follows. Broken leg suffered when i accidently hit him, Attempted to eat 2 porcupines, been shot with a shotgun and bitten by a rattlesnake  He goes everywhere with me as im a farmer so he\’s my co-pilot as i like to call him.  He rides in the front with me, not in the back but he can do either.  Buck is by far the best dog and most resiliant/loyal dog i have ever had.

The picture attatched sums him up prety good.

He goes to show you a there is nothing as a free puppy. haha. Take care Mark

Clay from NE