Baron Von Lankford

Mark, 17 years ago on my sons 16th birthday, we gave him a 6 week old daschund puppy. we name him baron von lankford and called him lankford. my son was a baseball player, and we had a good friend named larry lankford who was an umpire in some of the games in which my son played. larry and my son justin did not always agree on some of the calls. one game my son and larry were verbally sparring and my son yelled out to him. “landkford , if i ever get a dog , im going to name him after you”. so thats how lankford got his name. lankford [ our dog] was a little testy and fiesty but really had the cutest personality.last year , after 16.5 years , i was faced with putting him to sleep. i kept asking God to give me a sign when it was time as i just couldnt bear the thought. one day i came home and lankford was lying in urine and couldnt get up and i knew it was time. a really good friend of mine knew i couldnt do it and offered to do it as she loved him too. on dec.5, i bought a plastic container, with a lid, put his favoriite blanket it in and a christmas ornament in it. i baked chocolate chip cookies and let him have a couple that morning. i left the house and my friend and her husband took him to the vet and buried him in my back yard.he has a neat little place back there and an little ceramic puppy sitting out there so he is still with me. he was my buddy.
Nancy from TX