Hi Mark,

My husband and I are both police officers. We often bring stray dogs and cats to the station to have them picked up by the ASPCA .Often than not they the animals perish and it is a shame. Last year on this date one of our guys brought in a pitbull terrier to the station.  They found her walking about the streets with no owner to be found.  She was at our station for about 4 1/2 days. she was about 6-8 months old at the time.  Usually ASPCA pics them up within 24 hrs but this time there was a big problem.  the pound that usually picks them up was under investigation of mistreatment of animals and they had found dozens of dead animals in bags that week.  before we were even made aware of this situation, my husband and I brought her home.  We named her ( ADAMA) (means = beautiful girl).  Adama proved to us the first week she was with us that she was very protective of my two toddlers and we quickly fell in love.  She a wonderful dog with such a great personality.

Diana from NJ