I am 47 years old & have had a number of dogs in my life (fortunately for me!). This past October we had to put down one of our 13 yr old black labrador’s, Abby.. We hung on with her as long as we could. Her sister Emmy is still with us & is now 14.

But what I wanted to say is this; I have never read a book like the one Mark wrote about “Spritey”. It describes in detail exactly how I felt (& feel) about parting with Abby & having to make the decision to part with Abby. She too, took in the breeze on her last day & her ears would never perk, but they always blew in the wind. Thank you Mark for helping me with this book. It made me feel not alone, not crazy, & not obsessed. Well, maybe I am obsessed but proud of it. I have always loved dogs & with your insight, it is helping me go on at a time where I think of her every new season. Spritey was special.
Allison from PA