Zahara and Sarg

I would have posted these together, but I could only do one picture at a time.

Since the death of my boy Rosco, we moved from the land of Granholm to the land of Sanford.

After moving to SC we purchased a house (and yes, after the bubble popped) on 2 acres of land surrounded by woods.  Again, my wife wanted protection while I was away on the road.  This time, I came home to twins.  Cambria and Zahara.  Both yellow lab / Chow mixes.  She says they were the last two of a litter to go.  Cambria turned out to be mean and we couldn\’t keep her for fear of our children.  A neighbor took her and she is living a wonderful life.

Zahara was the complete opposite from her sister.  Her only quirk is that when she wants out, she wants out.  After two broken windows we finally put in a doggy door for her.  She only leaves our yard to visit her sister.  She is a great dog that is wonderful with the kids and was very easy to train.  She is an odd girl that loves to have fun.

Then, while at a store, my found seen an ad for a free dog.  Sargent Puppy is now a member of our family.  He is Boston Bull Terrier / Pug mix.  I hear they call this mix Bug.  He is another one with a very odd personality but a very good dog.

Zahara and Sarg hit it off right away and are the best of friends, as seen in the picture.

Thank you Mark for all you do and for allowing me to share my stories.

Chip from SC