Two days before my husband’s 45th b’day and his much overdue hip replacement surgery, I came home with a most unexpected b’day gift, a 4month old little 4lb. baby girl Maltese. I had surfed the internet for months to find just the right one for us. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been chosen to get her. I was told hundreds of people had applied but I was the right one. However, the one to share in this little bundle of joy was not so overwhelmed with delight as I hoped. The idea of post surgery be laid up at home with yet another pet to take care of was to say the least not well received. Lambchop now aka Trashy, has become man’s best friend.
While Ray was unable to walk Trashy spent her days on his lap and play catch. Trashy loves everyone but mostly her big daddy Ray. She spends afternoons on Big Daddy’s lap on the porch, smoking his Cigar and listening to the Mark Levine show being played just loud enough to infiltrate or just plain irritate our clueless liberal neighbors. Believe me they do more than that to annoy us. Anyways, Trashy is the best dog, everyone loves her. Ray aka Big Daddy takes her to the bank he puts her on the counter and she walks back on the keyboards and says hi to everyone. One day while at the bank she did her usual meet and greet, but this time there was a new teller who was obviously having a bad day. Trashy walked backed stood on her hind legs, put her front paws on the teller and licked her face. The poor girl started to cry. She said “this is the best thing that happened to me all day” thanks. Now everyone including the bank Manager asks where Trashy is if she does not show up with Ray. There’s lots more to say but let just say she brings joy to everyone she meet.
Constance from CA