Shorty (Little Man)

Hi my name is Shorty, or as my mom likes to call me “Little Man”. I am said to be a special needs pup. Back in my puppy days, I chewed an electrical cord and hurt my mouth. I ended up losing most of my tongue in the accident. Then soon after the accident, my owners took me to a shelter to be put down. They said they didn’t want to take care of me anymore. Lucky for me, the Dachshund Rescue of North America stepped in & took a chance with me. My foster mom said that I was so thin & dehydrated, she wasn’t sure I would make it. But I’m a tough little guy, and started to learn how to drink water from a medicine syringe, and of course how to eat.
In December of 2006, my foster mom got a call from someone named Kristina. Her and her husband, Michael saw my picture on the Rescue website and read my story, and fell in love with me. They were coming to visit me. When they got there, I won them over with my good looks and charm. I knew they were taking me home & they did.
When I first arrive at my new home, things were shaky. I had two big sisters, Tigger and Tuesday. At first I wasn’t sure if they would like me, so I tried to be brave. After I few weeks, it was like we had always been together.
But the best part is, my new dad and grandpa made it much easier for me to drink. They modified a Drinkwell Big Dog Fountain so that I could drink whenever I wanted. It is awesome, and it took me less than a day to learn. Now when they try to give me water the old way, I run. I’m a big boy and can do it myself. What else is cool, is my parents don’t mind that I have bad breath, with I think is embarrassing. I know that I drool a lot after I eat and drink, so I go over and they will help me clean myself up a little. They are great about keeping me independent, happy, & healthy.
I have been in my forever home for a while now. I live having two big sisters, and I LOVE the treats. I get to sleep in a big warm bed, and I really love my mom and dad. I am so happy that they took a chance on me & love them a ton.
Thanks for letting me share!

The personality of this little dachshund melts my heart, and I feel extremely lucky to have him as part of our family.

Kristina from OH