I just finished Saving Sprite. What a gut wrencher. It brought tears to my eyes more than once. Almost a year ago we lost our Sadie. We had 11 wonderful years with this beautiful Jack Russell Terrier. She was the picuture of health and I often told the Vet and others that I wished I was in good shape as she was. We played ball everyday when I got home from work and walked every evening. One day I went out to get a few things done. I return a couple hours later to see Sadie standing in the middle of kitchen shaking and having a hard time breathing. I took her to the Vet and then later to an emergency Vet. 42 hours later – she stopped breathing. They think it was bone cancer since her white blood cell count kept dropping. I was devastated. We have another Jack Russell we got through the Jack Russell Rescue organization. She is nearly a big of a clown as Sadie and brings much joy to our lives. But I still think I hear Sadie come in through the doggie door and trot the wood floors. Thank-you for writing the book. I sure it was difficult-but I know for everyone who has purchased the book appreciates your work.
Doug from SC