I have a special friend named Ollie
He’s a little wiener dog; by golly
But a wiener dog with one small quirk
You see, little Ollie’s back legs don’t work
But to Ollie that just does not matter
Because his front legs still go pitter patter
He pulls himself along quite well
And now and then he sits a spell
I find him waiting by the door
He knows he has a walk in store
Bounding from under his favorite blankie
He seems to smile as if to thank me
But there is no need for the pleasure is mine
A treasured friend of the very best kind
He is ever so ready for a quick transformation
To which he looks forward with great expectation
In a moment he will not be the regular Ollie
But rather the amazing “Ollie The Trolley”
He is already striving while I’m hooking him up
He is Ollie The Trolley the fierce wonder pup
Then it’s out the door in the blink of an eye
Now it is Ollie’s turn to fly
He trollies out along the drive
The fastest wiener dog alive
Or so I am sure my dear Ollie feels
At least he’s the fastest wiener on wheels

He trollies on sidewalks over grass and on rock
He trollies on down and around many a block

Sniffing his way all over the place
Hoping to find a squirrel to chase
He trollies along at a furious clip
Like a jet he would appear on radar a blip

Everyone looks quite surprised when he passes
Some I believe that think they need glasses
Ollie is good at making folks smile
And sometimes we stop and chat for a while

Ollie thinks meeting new people is fun
But sooner than later we are back on the run

He trollies and barks then he trollies some more
Sniffing us all the way back to the door
Transforming him back to the regular Ollie
Till’ the next great adventure of Ollie the Trolley

Now he’s taking a drink and ready to nap
Falling asleep on a comfortable lap
Soon into dreams I’11 be watching him fall
Where Ollie is ever the fastest of all

Rest in Peace my sweet little boy

Greg from CA