My Pepsi

Dear Mark,

I was at the library and I was looking at the dog books (I am a dog lover too.) and I came across “Rescuing Sprite” when I opened the book to your first chapter “Let\’s Call Him Pepsi” I was hooked. Because I have a dog who is about 13 years old and I was 10 months when we got her so I can\’t remember life with out her and her name is Pepsi too! Pepsi is a Queensland Heeler and Dingo mix. My dad got her from a friend who had lots of dogs like her and since she was a runt she did not get much attention. We had another dog named Shelly, she was a Norwegian Elk Hound we got her from a breeder. Pepsi and her were best friends. Shelly died back in 2006. She was getting old and it was hard for her to get up, we had to help her. I went outside to say hi and then went back inside to get her some food and when I came back out she had died. I felt like she had hung on all night to see me one more time, because she was mostly my dog. I made her grave real special and I planted a tree, kinda like you did with Sprite. But what was horrible was Pepsi had lost her best friend. On the first night she could not sit still. She was like your Pepsi, she didn\’t know where her best friend had gone. To help her, my aunt gave us her dog to barrow (Who was also a Queensland Heeler)  we kept her for about 2 months. Then gave her back because that is when we started looking for another dog (or another best friend for Pepsi). We went to the pound. We had gone a few times then once we came across a sweet dog that looked sad. We asked if we could see her and they brought in a pen so we could pet and play. At that time she did not really care about us she just wanted to get out and run. I called my mom and we told her how we loved her and she said yes. With most dogs they would have to wait to go home because they would need to be fixed.  But they fixed our dog early and we got to take her home that day. I named her Molly, we later found out that she was a Britney Spaniel Mix and she was about 2 when we got her (so now she is about 5). We live on an acer so when we let her out of the car she ran and ran forever. She was just so happy that she was out of that pound. Pepsi and her we best friends but they used to fight a little when Molly took Pepsi\’s food. Molly and I became great friends too. I trained her to do a lot of stuff like, sit, shake, other hand, stand, lay, roll over, and how to jump through a hoop. I also took her to an obedience class. Once I taught her how to run along side of me when I am riding my bike. So instead of going for a walk we go for a bike ride! Molly has friends in the neighborhood even though she is an aggressive dog. But she loves her friends! I decided wanted to a goat and my parents approved so when we got goat (Flicka) was so scared we had to put an electric fence up around her pen to keep the dogs away. But after a week we could take it down. And 2 weeks later Molly, Pepsi, and Flicka were all  friends! Flicka still head butts Molly but not Pepsi. So that is where I stand today with my dogs! I have made videos on them and my other animals on You Tube. You can go to my channel to check them out (that you be great!) http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=KelGoat&view=videos

I really hope you make more books about your dogs because would love you read them!!

Kelsey from AZ