We rescuded Powder, a huskey, at the age of 6 months. She was left in a bucket on the side of the road with a couple of her siblings. Now 5 years later she is happy, healthy and a joy to have around. She also loves her new sister Maya.
This is the newest addition to our family, Maya a huskey. She is also a rescue, we got her about 5 weeks ago. She is full grown at 2 years old. She was left at a shelter, rescued by a local huskey rescue group, and then we picked her up. We took Powder, our 5 year old huskey, to meet her and they hit it off right from the start. We brogut her home and she has fit right in. It took her a bit of time to feel comfortable here but she is right at home now. She loves her toys, bones, and playing with her older sister Powder. She loves her treats, dog biscuits, carrots, and green beans. You could tell at the beginning that she came from an abused home but what a little (really a lot) of love will do to bring out the best in a family member.
John from MI