Mariah, Annie and Sadie.

We first saw a ad for Italian Greyhound Rescue at the vet’s office. I had wanted a dog for years but Alex, my husband said we already had the 7 cats! We both fell in love with the delicate beauties we saw in the ad and we called the local rescue rep. We met Sadie the next day and immediately fell in love with the sweet litte 6 year old Blue and white IG. She had been a breeder in a puppy mill for 15 months and later adopted but not kept. We are her lucky forever home. She is a certified therapy dog and brings smiles to the residents of a local nursing. home.
Of course, we couldn’t stop there. I saw a beautiful little Seal and white girl on an IG website and e-mailed her foster mom in CT. That is where we found Annabelle. She has never met a stranger and loves everyone she meets.
Last September, I heard about a tiny 10lb. red girl who had come from a horrible hoarding situation in Wisconsin. There were over 80 dogs kept in cat carriers in a dark room. They had never been outside or properly socialized. We brought her home and she immediately bonded with my husband. We named her Mariah because she runs like the wind!Unfortunately, she thought I was the devil incarnate! I have worked to gain her confidence and now we are friends. I take her to Agility where she is a natural.
All three of the girls now go to the nursing home once a week. Sadie is the lap sitter, Annie is the clown and Mariah jumps up and down like a pogo stick!
We have met so many wonderful people through IG Rescue and are now very active in fund raising for Rescue. I knit sweaters for Rescue so each dog has a warm sweater to take to their new forever homes. The girls have enriched our lives in ways that I can’t describe with works.
The line up in the picture is Mariah, Annie and Sadie.

Doreen from VT