Kodi is my 8 year old Siberian Husky. A more easy going soul you will never meet. A couple months ago he was diagnosed with cancer. Operating was cost prohibative and there was no promise that it would be affective. I have opted to have him live out his days at home being treated with steroids to shrink the tumor and allow him to be comfortable. The other dogs in the house are unaware of anything wrong but I expect they will alert me when the time comes. Dogs seem to have a sense for such things. I will not let him suffer. At present he feels well and he looks forward to his daily walks and playing with the other dogs or the cat. As long as it lasts I am content he is not suffering. When the time comes I will do what must be done.  He has been a fine pet and is a favorite of the neighbors. Friendly, outgoing and gentle he is welcome wherever he goes. I (we) will miss him but for now I can only care and love as much as I can for I know the opportunities are now limited.

William from SC