Gizmo has personality! That’s what my wife (Taffy) has been telling me for the past 13 yrs since Gizmo came to us as a puppy. An 18 pound cream colored male ShiZu he’s my little friend and companion who brings me a great deal of joy. His cute expressions brighten my day with his quizzical looks as he cocks his head in wonderment or his happy/joyful excited looks at mealtime, playtime and walk time. He loves his little walks and likes to go on the leash. When he was younger occasionally his collar would slip off on a walk. He would always quickly run to me and express his displeasure at me for allowing his collar to slip off while I put it back on him. Today he’s reluctant to go outside of our fenced area without his leash on except when he really needs a potty break then he might sneak out the front door as we’re coming in or going out. We just get his leash and he’ll run to us to hook him up and take him to find a good spot for his business.

At bed time he’ll sit in the hallway toward our bedroom and look back and forth at us and the bedroom reminding us that it is time to go to bed. Staying up late is not his thing. He sleeps next to our bed in one of his three beds in the house curled up like a little fuzz ball or flat on his back snoring. Of course if he has to go out during the night he’ll wake me up and let Taffy sleep. He’ll quietly come to my side of the bed and wake me then I’ll get up put on some pants and shoes and take him out. Every now and then he likes to wake me up and after I get ready he’ll go back to bed yawning at me while I stand there with a foolish look on my face. He really seems to enjoy that little prank.

In October, 2006 we almost lost Gizmo. He became very ill with an internal infection. Due to prior commitments we had to leave him at the vet while we traveled to St. Louis. On the way Dr. Sokol called and told us that Gizmo arrested that morning but they were able to bring him back. He essentially died and was brought back to life. His chances were not good. They eventually had to operate and through the excellent skills and care provided by Dr. Sokol, Diana and many others at Caldwell Mill Animal Clinic they pulled him through back to good health. Doc says Gizmo saw the light and we’re thankful he was at CMAC when it happened. Thanks to all at CMAC!!! In spite of his harrowing experience there Gizmo still loves to go see Doc. All I have to say is “let’s go see Doc” and Gizmo will awaken from a deep sleep, barking and running to the door.

We’re thankful for the borrowed time we have to spend with the Giz, our little buddy, the joker, Gizmo – Mr. Personality!

Dave & Taffy from AL