Dear Mr Levin,
I just finshed reading Rescuing Sprite, and thought I wanted to share my dog story with you.
I found a black chow on the street.  He was a mess. Matted and flea ridden and very thin. He had been on the street for some time. I brought him home, cleaned him up and he became a major part of our family.
I had spinal cancer and had to endure several painful surgerys and radiation and kemo.  No matter how bad I felt or how down I got,Bubba was ALWAYS there to give me love and comfort.
I couldn\’t have gotten thru that without him. He gave me the love and support even my husband couldn\’t (although he was also great thru the entire process.)
He had an unknown heart problem and died while I was out of town.
I was heart broken. I thought I couln\’t ever replace him. It took a long time before I could of thought o getting another dog..
We did get a new dog from the tx aspca. She is  what we like to call a TX pruebred (a mutt). She turned out to be the best friend that you could ask for. Loving and just so happy to have a good home.  She also is a fav with the little kids in the area.  they come by to walk and play with her all the time and she loves it.
I will never forget Bubba or the love and comfort that he gave me when I most needed it.  I like to belave that when I depart this earth that Bubba will be waiting for me on the  other side, with his love and wagging tail. We can go over the rainbow bridge together.
I really enjoyed your book and it did bring me joy to know I am not alone in my love for my animals. Any dog lover can agree,  that dogs are not just \”pets\” but part of the family.
I am so glad that you opened uour heart and home to a new rescue.
Enjoy them as long as they live.

Leslie from TX