About a month ago my girlfriend and I started looking at adopting a cat. She had a cat growing up and I never had any animals because my family traveled alot. We visited a couple of adoption days and didnt find any cats that really took to us. While looking around online we stumbled upon a shelter in NYC and this wonderful little guy named Valentine. He is about one year old and has already been through alot. He was named Valentine because he came into the shelter on Valentine’s Day 2009 with 2 broken legs and punctured lung after being hit by a car. He has made a full recovery and it completely healthy except for his front right foot which is paralyzed. But other than this he loves to play and has tons of energy. He is just as happy rolling around on the floor playing with feathers as he is relaxing on the couch watching the Yankee game with me. Thanks to you Mark we looked at shelters and that was the only way Id get a cat.This little guy picked us. We only picked him up on June 3 bu the is already making himself right at home and I couldnt be happier about it.
Dave from NY