Jack came to us through an odd series of events.

To backtrack, in March my old yellow Lab/Husky mix friend of 12 years, Sally, became increasingly sick and couldn’t even walk outside. I took her to the emergency clinic and while waiting for tests and x-rays, we just sat in the big, clean lonely waiting room.
Worried about Sally and concerned that this might be serious, we retreated into our private thoughts and rememberances.

Just then, a fellow arrived with a white standard Poodle and took a seat about 10 ft. away. The poodle walked over to me, stopped, laid his head on my lap. He then walked over to my wife and greeted her quietly. With the introductions concluded, he walked back to his human and sat down. It seemed odd that a strange dog would calmly come over and be so friendly…even comforting. Now Poodles aren’t common sights in Alaska and a white one is even less so. We chatted a bit with the owner, and found out he purchased his dog from a local breeder. Well, sadly, that was Sally’s last day. She had a big bleeding tumor and we had the vet release her from the pain.

When we got over that initial grief, we began thinking about what breed to look at for finding a new family member. While we both love Labs, the image of what we began calling with a little humor “the Poodle Angel” came back to us. My childhood included a wonderful standard poodle so my wife contacted the breeder of the “Poodle Angel”.

The breeder said she didn’t have puppies until the Fall, but a young dog had been returned to her because the family couldn’t get him to obey–and perhaps wasn’t getting along with their child . She said we could have him if we thought an 18mo. dog would be OK.

Heck, why not check it out. So we drove 150 miles to meet this skinny black kid who had just been rudely trimmed to the skin because his hair was so long and matted. He was shy and wary of quick movements, but readily laid his head in my lap when I sat at the kitchen table. OK, that does it. Thank you Poodle Angel. But we have to do something about that sissy name Tuco.

We were mistaken about the Poodle angel’s actions. He didn’t act on our behalf, but on Tuco’s. When we saw how Tuco could leap great heights even sideways…he became Jumpin Jack Flash, Jack for short. Jack immediately responded to our consistent affection and training. He desires earnestly to please his human pack, and to be with us. He is the most affectionate dog I’ve ever owned.

We took him on his first overnight canoe trip in August and started obedience training right away.

Jack is currently enrolled in a advanced Agility Training. He loves leaping hurdles, diving through tunnels, negotiating the elevated walk, and other obstacles.

So the Poodle Angel found Jack a good home. And when I’m too noisy in the shop…he has a big yard to play in and a little sister with whom to wrestle.

Yea, we bought his sibling too.

Russ from AK