Mark, I was introduced to your show after reading Saving Sprite. I respect and admire you for all you do. Right now I am Desperate. Last Monday evening someone stole my Pomeranian out of my front yard. My wife and I are beside ourselves with grief. I am trying every resource that I can think of to get her back I know that there are listeners to your show from Montana and if you could mention this on the air maybe someone would have some information. I live in Billings, Montana and my contact information is 406-861-6591 e-mail ssperle52@bresnan.net . The little girls name is Sassy, and she is tan with a light brown nose. She is 9 years old and needs a special diet to live. I am begging for help and do not know where to turn. I have tried every resource I could think of locally. I thought I should try to call you, but right now I could not keep my composure. I understand if you can’t help, but appreciate more than you know if you do. God Bless you and your family.


Rob and Sherry from MT