Dear Mark:

Sprite\’s face looks a little like my Sammy.  He was a cocker spaniel who we loved so much.  He was the first dog that I ever had from 6 weeks old to age 13.5 years old, when he passed away.  When he did pass away, he was still waging his little stump of a tail.  He was such a wonderfully pleasant dog.

The more people around, even children, the happier Sam was.  He was my best friend..my 3rd child. It\’s been about 7 years since he has gone to Heaven..and he is in Heaven – and I still miss his company very much.  So many things remind me of him as I go through my activities in the house.

I don\’t have an electronic photo of Sammy; but I will get one made from a snap shot or video and post it.

Thank you for your website and radio show.

Vicki and Gary from MD