Hi there,
I truly loved your book, so much so I bought three copies and gave them to a few friends and family.
I just finished reading about your pets. I have a Weimaraner named Remy. When she was 7 we found out that she has Mast cell cancer. The vet took off the masses that were there and all seemed fine for 6 months when I noticed that the tumors were returning. My vet suggested chemo with a 60% chence that it would take care of the cancer. It was a hard decision but since Remy wasn’t in pain nor any inability to be herself we decided to opt out and see how things progress. Remy just had her 10th birthday and as of now there has not been any changes. She is truly a love bug and even shares our queen size bed along with our 3 year old Weimaraner, Spaten. Boy, does that make a tight fit at night! But we love our furchildren so much.
It’s funny that our cats, Chumley and Shadow run the roost and make sure to remind the dogs every once in a while with just a wisp of the paw to their nose and all is fine.
Can anyone out there give me information where I could find a non-biased report of Mast Cell carcinoma?
Susan from CA