Prince, Aubie & Little Man

There’s always been a dog, or two, around my parent’s house all of my life. One in particular, a German Sheppard we called Prince, had more sense and personality than most people I’ve met in life. To be honest, I’m not sure he knew he was a dog. God, I loved that animal. But because of Prince, and the other dogs we’ve had, we all just considered ourselves “dog people”, and it never occured to us to bring a cat into the house. Until last October. My wife and I left the house late one night to get ice cream at the local convenience store. Apparently, about 10-15 minutes before we arrived, some asshole had pitched this 5 week kitten out of a car window into the store’s parking lot. It was obviously very sick, filthy nasty dirty, its eyes were glued shut and it coughed and wheezed pretty bad. So instead of ice cream, we got kitty litter, some food, and this poor, pitiful little life that someone had just thrown away. Kim and I decided right then that this animal would have a chance at life and that no one would ever mistreat it again. Well, the vet fixed him up and in a few weeks he was healthy and clean as you’d want. We named him Aubie, and he knows his name. He’s as loving and loyal as any dog and has quickly become a very important part of our family. We still have the dog, Little Man, a short legged Austrailian Blue Healer that adopted us a few years ago. They’ve learned to co-exist and often act like they genuinely like each other. They’ve enriched our lives just as Sprite enriched your family’s lives. Wanted to share a recent image of Aubie. Thank you for all you do, I try to listen to your show everyday.
Al from AL