Our Time With Jake

In May 1999, we had the opportunity and privilege to rescue a dog.  He is a German shepherd dog named Jake.  He turned a year in March of that year.  At the time of the adoption, we learned that his previous owner took him to see fireworks.  Jake broke loose and if the firework noise was not enough to cause fear, strange people were also chasing after him.  As a result, Jake has lived with the fear of fireworks, thunder and fast approaching strangers his whole life.  When Jake first arrived to his new home, we had a 4 year old female German shepherd dog named Lieber.  They fast became the best of friends.  In September 2002, Lieber suddenly passed away.  We learned she had cancer.  Jake’s world was shattered.  He found security in his crate.  We had to coax him to come out for walks and to eat.  In May 2003 we adopted a 2 year old German shepherd dog, a female named Darcy.  Jake finally came out of his crate and they fast became the best of friends.  Jake turned 11 in March 2009 and is now in the twilight of his life.  This past winter was rather rough on him.  He had difficulty with the snow for the first time.  He was beginning to loose his balance and started dragging his rear paws.  Jake has Degenerative Myelopathy.  He has difficulty walking and standing now.  We keep him comfortable and enjoy what little time we have left.  One day Darcy will be missing her best friend.  Jake will always be the special dog with special needs who came into our life, confused and misunderstood.

Lorraine from NY