Hello to all dog lovers!

This is Nina, a 12 year old British Cocker Spaniel, after a peaceful little nap. She was a present for my now ex girlfriend and, quite literally, our only child. We are still quite close my ex and I and we know Nina is getting old. I listen to Mr. Levin regularly on the internet, from Spain and heard about Rescuing Sprite. Being a flight attendant, my ex now flies to NY monthly. I urged her to buy the book, I wanted it to be a present, not for now, but for when the moment inevitably comes. She bought the book yesterday, could not resist reading a few pages, cried and understood why she needed the book…for when the moment comes.
Thank you Mr. Levin. I know you have a big heart. Thank you so much, for the book and for all you have taught me. I will ask my ex to buy, this time for me, Liberty and Tiranny, so that I can keep on explaining my european friends why I love America so deeply.

Gerry from Spain