Nikki, Reggie, Tina, Skye & Lily, Maddie, Bear

Linda just finished reading your book & really enjoyed it. Heartwarming – touches the heart. We have taken in rescue dogs for 15 years. First Nikki, a black/white shepherd-lab mix, who we had to send to dog heaven last year at age 14! Then his dog-mate, Reggie-rescued on his last day at the shelter, he became ill at age 9; then Tina, the sweetest white pit-mix became ill at 10 yrs; and now we have 2 adopted Siberians, Skye & Lily, and Maddie the beagle, and 7mos. old Terrier-mix, Bear-whose family decided they didn’t want him anymore and let him roam the neighborhood to fend for himself.

Linda & Richard from CA